Today Her Ladyship and I celebrate twenty-five years of marriage.

I have no illusions that this awesome achievement is due to any particular skill or quality of mine. So this is a good time to write down ten things I love about my wife.

  1. She is the consummate optimist; she sees the best in everything and everyone.
  2. She never makes me feel that I am not good enough.
  3. She always appreciates my efforts.
  4. She is a better judge of character than I will ever be.
  5. She knows the difference between reminding and nagging.
  6. She knows when my spirits need lifting, and knows when I need to be left alone.
  7. She understands my need to have the last word, even if it is “Yes, Milady”.
  8. She’s the best listener I know.
  9. She cares about the things I don’t.
  10. She puts up with my crap like no-one else would.

Thank you, My Love. Here’s to the next Twenty-Five

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